In the race to get into the top-ranking institutions, many students suffer from anxiety and depression due to the fear of failure. In the time of life meant for enjoyment,  students are pushed to extreme levels. Don’t let the pressure of the exams get to you and affect your performance. Remember, stress endures for a reason, you can choose to either let it be your downfall or use it to drive you to improve your work. Here, we have provided a few tips to make the study routine more fun and less stressful.

Make Use of Flashcards to Remember Laws and Formulas

Flashcards are hands-down the most powerful way for learners to study and remember factual knowledge, especially when they are used smartly. Important laws such as Bragg’s law can be written down on flashcards and carried along wherever you go aiding you to study on the go. This way you will study in small increments and you will be surprised at the time of the test to know how much you know with little effort.

Take Frequent Breaks and Follow a Good Diet

Taking breaks often improves focus and enhances productivity. Study for a stretch of 40 minutes without distractions and take a short break of 10-15 minutes. Getting up and moving around and stretching your body can help re-energize the body, help reduce any stress and clear your mind.

Hand Written Notes

Hand-written notes are proven to be beneficial because they are incredibly important for memory formation and recall.

Keep It Green

Research shows that the colour green helps with human concentration. Hence, make sure to invest in a few green highlighters.

These were a few tips to guide you to study in the best way without taking much stress. Besides, it is important to remember that education is not about getting straight A’s, it is about the pursuit of excellence, cultivating your strengths and learning and growing from it, so you can contribute more effectively. All the Best!

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