Why Hiring a Private Dance Instructor is a Good Idea in Edmonton

University of Wisconsin-Madison student Michael Chay (center) practices his dance moves with another student during Prof. Tomlinson’s ballroom dancing class in Lathrop Hall on Sept. 

Dancing has plenty of benefits that range from being a great way to get fit to improving your social life. While some people are born with the dancing bone in them, others need a little help mastering the steps. There are many ways that you can choose to help you become a better dancer and a hiring a private dance instructor could be the best decision you make. It comes with plenty of benefits.


One of the best things about enrolling for dance lessons in Edmonton with a private dance coach is you get to benefit from the experience that they have achieved over the years. This translates into an excellent opportunity for you to learn and improve your skills. An experienced instructor, especially in teaching dance, is more patient and will take more time helping you understand the steps.

Personalized touch

To be a great dancer, you need the attention of your instructor. With a private dance instructor, you get the attention of the instructor wholly for the period of the lesson. This helps to cut down on the time you take to learn the moves and any mistakes that you make are corrected promptly.


Group classes are usually scheduled for a certain time and day. It can be a huge inconvenience for you having to fit the classes into your already tight schedule. With private dance lessons in Edmonton, you will be able to pick a time and day that is convenient for you. It makes it easier for you to add a new skill and to build yourself. Being able to work within your schedule also makes it easier for you to learn and at the same time you’re able to have fun while you’re at it.

Customized lessons

Once you enroll for dance classes in Edmonton, the attention of the private dance instructor is on you. The dance coach will quickly understand the goals you have for enrolling in the classes and quickly customize lessons that help you to achieve your goals. It is certain that not every dance student is looking to go professional. Some just want to learn a few steps that they can use at an event. Whatever your dance goals are, a private dance coach can help you achieve them by customizing the lessons to match your needs.

Faster progress

With centralized attention and all the resources focused on you, you don’t need as much time to learn. The ability of the coach to only focus on you makes it easier to pace the lessons according to your learning speed. It makes it even better when the shorter learning time is coupled with excellent results.

Private dance lessons are a great way of catching up to the competition and working on your moves. It is less embarrassing for you to trip and fall in the presence of your coach as opposed to a whole group of other aspiring dancers. Whether you want to learn new steps for your father-daughter dance, for a wedding or part of your aspiration to be a professional dancer, you will find that a good private dance instructor will go a long way in helping you achieve that dream.



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