We all have our set of ideas and dreams which we wish to accomplish before a certain age. In those categories, education should be one. Setting your own educational goals will not only help you satisfy your soul but it can also help you complete the rest of the things on your bucket list. A common bucket list item for a lot of people would have a high paying job, but this will give you sorts of materialistic happiness rather than spiritual happiness. Let us look at some ideas which I’d suggest you add to your bucket list.

  • A degree in a field you love: A good portion of people going to get a college degree is often influenced by peers and family members while picking their subjects. This is something they often regret once they are done with their course. One should take the time to find the subjects they love and accordingly pick the course. This will improve your interest in the subject be it chemistry or any other subject, you will not feel like your work is stressful rather feel it like doing something you love.
  • Become Fluent in French and Spanish: Consider French and Spanish as subjective languages. Broadening the number of languages you know can be really helpful. Adding to your language database can help you to mingle with new people from different countries and cultures, it would even come handy when you go backpacking through Europe if that is another bucket list entry of yours.
  • Get a doctorate: When your interest in a particular field has peaked, getting a doctorate in your specialization is every theorist’s dream. But getting one is no easy task. One must first start by completing their bachelor’s degree in the field and then move onto a masters degree primarily focussing on a topic specific to your field of study.
  • Get yourself a second degree: For many people, their interests lie in different fields. For some apart from engineering they may also have an interest in a different stream as well. It might be an affinity towards biochemistry or even archeology.
  • Be a good teacher: While learning new things in itself is a satisfaction, passing on the information you have accumulated over the years is a more noble feat. Being labeled as a good teacher is no easy task. Attending to a class of students with different needs while covering subjects to them requires quite a little bit of dedication and skill to master.

These are just some of the many ideas which general people add to their educational bucket list. If you have more ideas or contradictions, come discuss with us on our student forum. For more information and fun facts, check out our YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vkIyE066QI.