Spain is the biggest airport located in Madrid. With an extensive range of multiday guided tours, visitors get plenty of options to decide their preferred level of independence, local knowledge and guidance you would like on the trip.

Questions you need to ask when planning a trip to Madrid

  1. How many days do you wish to spend in Madrid?
  2. Which day trips can be added in your tour?
  3. How to plan your journey for the remaining of Spain from Madrid
  4. Which will be the best time to visit Madrid on the basis of events and weather?
  5. What is the right place to stay in Madrid?
  6. How to Reach Madrid?

Transportation options

You can reach Madrid by plane, train, bus and car. If you are planning to travel by Plane, then consider the biggest Spain airport “Madrid Barajas Airport” for your trip. This is the only international airport in Spain. You will find several budget airlines like “EasyJet” and “Ryanair” to fly from all across the globe. Proper comparison of the prices of flights to Spain will help you in affordable Madrid airport transfer.

By Train: Spain provides a high-speed network of train that connects the Madrid city to several tourist destinations such as Seville, Barcelona, Malaga, and a few more cities. Though this service is quite expensive but it is very fast when compared with the train.

If you plan to arrive to Spain by the bus, then the national bus service in Spain is more extensive in comparison to the train network in Madrid. Buses are comparatively less expensive than the trains but a bit slower than them.

Madrid city is connected by excellent highways. This makes it easy for people to come via their car. There will be no border controls between France and Spain and Portugal and Spain, which helps visitors to drive non-stop between different countries.

The number of days that you plan here depends on how much time do you have with you and how deeply do you wish to explore the Spain.

What are the best places of attraction in the Madrid city?

Explore the ancient Madrid de las Austrias, the bohemian ​Lavapies, the attractive La Latina area, Malasaña, the hipster chic and Chueca. There is a Retiro park that provides plenty of fun filled activities to its visitors. Also, you will find several places to drink and eat, the Reina and Prado Sofia museums which are completely free for visitors in the evenings.

If you are an art lover, then you can even make some time to visit the biggest pieces art galleries in Spain like Picasso’s Guernica, Triangle of Art museums to experience the best art pieces of Spain. If you are an adventurous freak, then in Spain you can watch interesting games such as a Real Madrid game, a bullfight, or a flamenco show.

How to wander in Madrid?

Madrid’s metro service would be an excellent way to get around Madrid. This service allures visitors because of its low cost. You can easily get tickets for this service below a euro. This makes it the cheapest systems of public transportation in Europe. To know more about buying tickets in Madrid, visit If you are planning to cover several tourist destinations, then buying an unlimited travel pass for Madrid would be another good choice.


Spain is the most common arrival place for most visitors to Madrid. Due to its convenient location and extensive ​fast speed railway network, it is also a perfect place for departure to explore the rest of the Spain. This guide will definitely help its visitors to plan properly for Madrid tour.