The Qur’an is honorable for us. It is a blessing for every Muslim. Loving and respecting Quran is not limited to adults. The children should also learn Quran. The parents have the responsibility to make their children love the Qur’an. This is only possible with proper Quran teaching at the early age. Learning Quran does not mean you learn a few verses or Surahs. Fulfilling the responsibility of teaching Quran to your children does not mean that you teach them only the reading of Quran. It is very important to learn Quran in details. It means you and your children should Learn Quran with Tajweed and understand the meaning and Tafseer of Quran.

The Need Of Regular Quran Teaching

If you want to Learn Quran for kids, you should make Quran a regular part of your life.  A regular contact with Quran will develop love with it.  When your child will love the Qur’an, he/she will feel the urge to recite Quran every day. You and your children must also understand the meanings of the verses of Quran. Love of Quran means you have an interest in everything that is related to the Qur’an.

The Role Of Parents

Children are greatly influenced by the environment in which they grow up. The parents and guardians play an important role in making their personality. So, they have to be very responsible in helping their children develop a special love and connection with the Qur’an. They can do different things like making Duas. It is very important that you make Quran familiar to your children as this would help them in reading, memorizing and understanding the Quran in Shaa Allah. You can arrange a good Quran teacher to Learn Quran for kids. A good teacher is very important if you want efficient Quran learning. Tajweed is very important thing in learning Quran. Without Tajweed, your Quran recitation is not complete.

The Role Of A Teacher

Quran is a blessing that is revealed to us. We can take the maximum benefits from Quran if we will learn it with the help of an expert teacher.

It is the duty of a teacher to tell them enough to develop interest in them and take their attention. The teacher’s style of delivering the lectures should be suitable for the children in order to make them easy for them to understand and follow.

It is necessary that a teacher makes their children feel easy during the lessons. They should avoid forcing them to learn too much at once. The teachers and parents both should be consistent when they want the children to Learn Quran with tajweed. Unnecessary pressure may result in developing dislike towards the Qur’an. The teachers and parents must not forget that the goal is to develop the love for Qur’an in the hearts of children. Unless they will develop love for Quran, they will not remember Allah.

The teachers and parents should encourage their children and let them know that they are proud of them. These are some of the ways by which it is possible to develop love of Quran in their hearts.