In the global context, you would rarely find the celebrities holding Ph.D. Most of the Ph.D. holders are engaged in researching various facilities, teaching and learning new things. Some are passionate about exploring health-related problems and their prevention as well as cure. Typically, you could find those celebrities holding Ph.D. in the higher learning institution.

Here is the list of top 10 celebrities holding Ph.D.:

  1. Bill Gates

Bill Gates is an American businessman, philanthropist, author, investor and co-founder of the Microsoft Corporation. He was also included in the billionaire list of ‘400 Richest People’ in America issue in Forbes magazines.

Talking about his studies, he was a Harvard dropout. During his early school days, he spent most of his time using school’s computer. In 2007, he returned to the university to receive an honorary Doctor of Laws degree.

  1. Condoleezza Rice

American political scientist, Condoleezza Rice is famous for being the first female African-American Secretary of State. She worked as the 66th United States Secretary of State. She served as being the president of 20th National Security Advisor.

She completed her bachelor degree from the University of Denver. Later, she obtained her master degree in political science from the University of Notre Dame. She earned her Ph.D. at the age of 26, in political science from the University of Denver.

  1. Brian Cox

Brian Cox is globally known as the presenter of science programs and for science books such as ‘Why Does E=mc ²?’ and ‘The Quantum Universe.’ He served as a professor of particle physics at the University of Manchester.

He attended the University of Manchester and studied physics. He continued his music career and also earned a master degree in physics from the same university. He completed his Ph.D. in high-energy particle physics from the University of Manchester in 1997.

  1. Shaquille O’ Neal

He is best known as an American basketball player and television personality. Shaquille O’ Neal is widely recognized as one of the greatest players in NBA history.  He is currently working as a sports analyst on the television program Inside the NBA.

Talking about the academic background of the basketball player, he has completed his Ph.D. and included in the list of celebrities holding Ph.D. Except earning medals from sports, he received his Ph.D. in leadership and education from Barry University.

  1. Peter Weller

American actor, Peter Weller is famous as a stage actor, television director, and art historian. He is best known for his role in ‘RoboCop,’ ‘Star Trek Into Darkness,’ and ‘Sons of Anarchy.’ He became the recipient of an Academy Award for his direction of the short film Partners in 1993.

He studied Bachelor of Arts at the University of North Texas. At the same time, he pursued his acting career after joining the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. In 2007, he started his Ph.D. at UCLA. In 2013, he submitted his dissertation and earned his doctorate in 2014.

  1. Mayim Balik

American actress, Mayim Balik is best known for her role as a neuroscientist on CBS’s The Big Bang Theory. She has been nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, four times for the Primetime Emmy Award.

She completed B.S. degree in neuroscience. After that, she moved to study for a doctorate in neuroscience. In 2007, she completed her Ph.D. in neuroscience from University of California, Los Angeles. She presented her dissertation on hypothalamic regulation.

  1. Phil McGraw

Phil McGraw is widely known as an American television personality, host of the TV show, author, and psychologist. According to Forbes list 2015, he was included in the ranked of world’s 15th highest earning celebrity.

He earned both money and education in his life. He studied B.A. in psychology at Midwestern State University. In 1976, he completed M. A. in experimental psychology. In 1979, he earned his Ph.D. degree in clinical psychology. After that, he has been included in the list of celebrities holding Ph.D.

  1. Brian May

Brian is working as an English musician, singer, songwriter, astrophysicist, and photographer. He is more famous as the lead guitarist of the rock band Queen.

Besides his professional career, he continued his study till his Ph.D. degree. In 2007, he earned his Ph.D. in physics from Imperial College London.

  1. Miuccia Prada

If you are conscious of fashion design, you may have chosen Prada’s product. Italian fashion designer, Miuccia Prada is globally recognized as a businesswoman. She served as the head designer of Prada and the founder of Miu Miu.

She completed her school education from Liceo Classico Berchet high school in Milan. She has earned her Ph.D. in political science from the University of Milan.

  1. Greg Graffin

Greg is a favorite American punk rock singer, songwriter, lecturer, author, and multi-instrumentalist. He is best known as the songwriter, lead vocalist and member of the Los Angeles band named ‘Bad Religion.’

He continued his academic studies with his musical journey. He received his Ph.D. in zoology from the Cornell University. After that, he was added to the list of celebrities holding Ph.D.

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