The Benefits of Majoring in Communication in College

Communications is an inherently diverse field of study. As such, many communications programs are less academically-inclined and more situational. You will learn how to influence people and sell your skills. If you are still finding yourself on the fence, read on. This article will outline some of the benefits of majoring in communications in college.

More than Academics

Communications programs differ from other majors in terms of their hands-on approach. Many of them will require students to complete in situ field work that will give them the necessary experience required for securing a successful career. Field work could consist of event planning, designing ad campaigns, and even quelling a potential PR crisis. The goal here is to give students an ideal amount of practice handling tough situations, so they can remain calm and effective in the future. Students should also take care to secure leads and begin building a network of colleagues.

Many Potential Careers

The array of jobs available to communications majors cannot be understated. Whether your goal is to join an advertising company, a PR company, write creatively for film or television, or even write for publications, majoring in communications will help you get there. No other type of degree will give you the skills necessary to succeed in such a broad range of environments. Even better, one job can often lead to more jobs in different fields to which the degree also applies. For example, you could start off writing for a magazine then become a reporter for a television station, and maybe from there you decide to move to Hollywood and try your hand at screenwriting. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Communications Provides a Challenge

Many people mistakenly think earning a communications degree is easy work. In reality, communications classes teach students how to exert themselves where it really counts. Students will spend long hours practicing for presentations, developing their social media output skills, designing various presentations, composing press releases, designing products for ad campaigns, developing and revising campaign pitches, and rehearsing and giving speeches in public environments.

Needless to say, this degree builds confidence, especially in public speaking environments, or when pitching ideas to powerful people. Additionally, students learn how to work effectively under tight deadlines, how to develop and transmit messages to achieve the intended effect, and how to collaborate with more eccentric individuals that occupy important places in the entertainment, journalistic and visual arts fields.

Preparation for an Advanced Degree

Majoring in communications does not spell the end of an academic career. On the contrary, an undergraduate degree in communications is an effective way to prepare for a graduate program, no matter whether you earned your degree from Brandeis University or Westminster College. However, it is important to do some research into the specifics of the graduate program you want to apply for, and then evaluate those specifics against your intended career path. As far as heavy hitting masters programs go, the University of Hawaii is one of the most renowned, as is USC. Consult an advisor or do some research online to get more information about USC’s master in communication program.

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