There is no doubt about the fact that parents have their best of intentions when they drop their children in schools. They believe that it is only through formal education that the kids can grow up to be productive and happy people. There are several parents who have doubts about how good the schools are performing in making their wards better human beings but as per their wisdom, they think that all these can be solved with better teachers, more money and by making the curricula challenging. Keeping in mind the gruelling debates on how the children of America should be taught, there came a surprising fact that students often spend less than 20% of their time inside their schools.

While there isn’t any doubt about the fact that schooling is vital, there are also recent studies which prove that parenting is also equally important. Now parenting doesn’t only deal with ordering the best infant products or preparing food for your kids but there’s more to it. Parents also play a vital role in making their children better human beings. Parental involvement in school matters and also in the matters post-school time are extremely necessary.

How much are grades significant in education?

There is always a debate regarding the necessity and importance of grades in education but it is true that these academic scores definitely serve a vital purpose. Both the parents and students are not just able to keep a close watch on their progress and performance but they also offer motivation and guidance for the teachers as well as the kids.

What about the parents? Do they play any role in deciding on the grades of the child? You’ll be rather alarmed to learn that parents usually have a vital effect on them as long as their scores are concerned. In fact, reports reveal that children who belong to parents who are not at all engaged in their kid’s academics show a poor performance in school. Hence, lack of proper parenting has been linked with the kid’s overall performance and for their negative grades.

Involvement of parents in the academics of their kids

When it comes to core academics, there are several ways in which parents are involved. Meeting the teachers in short intervals, assisting their kids with their homework and attending most or all of the events taking place in their schools are few ways in which parents can stay engaged with the academics of their kid’s school. All those parents who regularly stay in touch with the assignments and homework of their children usually have a positive impact on their grades and their level of learning. Uninvolved parents set an adverse impact on their kid’s future.

Therefore, we can safely conclude that parenting has got a direct relation with the performance of kids in school. One of the most vital components of parenting is accountability. Parents who are disengaged usually don’t face any accountability demands and hence their kids suffer as a consequence of their habits.