Tips To Study Physics More Efficiently

Physics is an important subject, not only for board exams but also for various competitive exams like JEE, NEET,  NDA, etc. But physics is a subject that gives students a headache because it includes complex problems. However, it is a fascinating subject that helps us understand the world around us and helps in technological development.

Physics is a tricky subject to crack but if students plan well and put the right things in the right place they can surely ace their examination. Here are some tips to study physics so that students can prepare for the subject more efficiently.

Selection of Textbooks

Books are one of the most important components to prepare for an examination. The market is flooded with thousands of books, so it is advised that students must refer to the best book for studying physics.

Know the syllabus

Students should know their exam syllabus thoroughly before starting their preparation. They should find out which are the sections in physics that cover the maximum number of marks and start their preparation accordingly.

Master the basics

Physics is a subject that is totally based on theories. So it is very important that students understand these concepts clearly so that they can solve the problems in their exam with ease. Instead of memorizing the concepts students are advised to assimilate the basic theories which will help them to understand the connection between the different principles and theories. One of the best ways to master the basic concepts is by creating a mind map.

Solve previous year questions and sample papers

Any preparation is valueless for a student without solving question papers. Students are advised to solve sample question papers and previous year question papers from question banks or websites to enhance their preparation.


The best way to improve memory skills is through revision. Candidates should make a habit of revising all the important theories and principals after completing chapters like quantum mechanics, projectile motion, Newton’s Laws, etc.

Use drawings

While studying complex theories in physics, sometimes students get jumbled up between various laws and formulas. They can prevent this by drawing a flowchart or a pictorial representation which can help them to understand the complex concepts in an easier way.

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