On graduating the first thing you’d do is either look for short term courses online or else go job hunting, but did you know that applying for a post is as horrendous and tiresome as getting yourself the right job?. If you’re one of those and are in a situation similar to this, this is something you can’t skip out on. It is a must read for all those, struggling day in day out just in search for the right job. This blog will clear away every doubt that you would have as a fresher in regards to an interview and will give a sneak-peek of what goes on behind the scenes.

Here are 4 things about the job search processes that you probably didn’t know yet

  1. Ssshh.. everything is a secret :

Umm.. Well not really a secret but yes it’s true that 80% of the jobs never get posted and are only found through networking. This means that, scouring the internet is not enough, you’ll need to take a bigger step. So, make sure to supplement your online research with real-world activities. Your first step would be to map out people you know. Your can start off by penning down a list of co-workers, teammates, classmates etc. Post that you’ll need to reach out to acquaintances and friends to seek informal guidance and learn more about their job roles and responsibilities.

  1. Knowing someone on the inside who can get you hired :

With jobs being posted online, you would probably have no idea about the number of candidates who have applied for the same job who might or might not have an experience like you. This reduces your chance at getting through. Moreover, employers prefer hiring candidates referred by their current employees, the reason being, they’re capability of building a quick rapport with the rest of the team.

  1. Recruiters don’t really read your resume :

Well, they do but on average they spend hardly 5-6 seconds re-evaluating your resume. Always remember,a resume alone won’t help you get a job, but mentioning about a few short term computer courses that you’ve completed after post graduation can help you in a big way.

  1. Your embarrassing email address will disqualify you :

By an embarrassing email address we mean something that looks like this “pinkpanther@hotmail.com” first and foremost an official email address that you and I mention on our resume should consist of your name and for sure pink panther can’t be your name until you consider yourself as a cartoon character. Although you might wonder, “Does it really make a difference, everyone does it why can’t I? Don’t be a fool do what’s ethical.