Travel abroad and learn a new language

Learn a new language abroad, and visit to find the best hotel deals.


Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Enjoy the great tropical atmosphere, feel like you’re on vacation and go surfing. Learn Spanish, the best way, like a local with the help of the locals.

Stay at Hotel Gardenia Tamarindo. Free wifi is included, so you can continue surfing about the Spanish language. Relax, focus and enjoy the air conditioned room. Go biking and exchange a couple Spanish words with the locals to see how you’re doing. Enjoy Spanish channels on your room’s flat screen TV, repeat words and add them to your learned Spanish words. Count on a quiet atmosphere to continue learning Spanish comfortably.


Paris, France

If you are planning to learn French, go to the perfect city – Paris. Here you’ll have a better understanding of the French culture. You’ll see and hear it everyday and have a better enunciation of the language. Go to the museums and restaurants hear French  language everywhere it will become second nature. Locals won’t shy from correcting you, you’ll get the perfect French accent.

Stay at 55 Hôtel Montparnasse. Hotel is close to Pernety Metro Station, so you can go to Champs Elysee and other French attractions. Brush up on your French and enjoy various snacks and drinks. Very helpful staff will assist you and maybe even help you with your French. Beds are relaxing so you can practice all the French slang and basic words.


Osaka, Japan

Go on a futuristic and fast way to learn Japanese. Go around the city, take the metro everywhere you can and pay good attention to how  Japanese talk. Practice your Japanese with the many signs on the city streets.

Stay at Osaka Guesthouse HIVE. There is a laptop in the room, so you can continue learning Japanese.  Go for a quick snack to the shared kitchen, practice your Japanese and make new friends. Rent a bike, go for a long bike ride with your new friends and explore Osaka. If you don’t know where to visit in Osaka, don’t worry hotel has flyers with top main attractions. Now walk to the Osaka/Umeda station and go on your way to enriching your Japanese. You’ll feel comfortable and speak like a Japanese.


Elba, Italy

Go for a sailing trip and learn Italian. Go to famous historical places and stop at the beach to interact with Italians.

Stay at Hotel Bel Tramonto. Enjoy breathtaking view of the Elba island from your room. Feel at peace with the room’s calming colors. Breakfast includes a different sweet everyday, so you can add new Italian pastries words. Sit in one of the loungers in the pool area, take a break and go over Italian words you’re having a hard time learning. Practice your Italian at the beach.

Learn a new language by going to a  county where the language is spoken and find great hotel deals to stay at

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