Why You Should Consider Fort Wilderness for Your Family Trip to Disney

Why spend a ton of money on a hotel in Orlando, Florida when you can travel and stay in your RV instead? With all the money you will be spending at the various Disney World theme parks, staying on a campground isn’t simply a fun thing to do, it will save you a ton of money!

There are several great campground options in the Lake Buena Vista, Florida area that will give you easy access to the theme parks. But, the best option is Fort Wilderness located on Disney property.

Includes Disney Perks

Fort Wilderness Resort is set on 750 acres of wooded Disney property. Since it is officially a Disney Resort property, your family will receive many of the same perks as those guests staying in Disney resorts. For example, you will be able to take Disney transportation from the campgrounds to the theme parks. In particular, you can access the Disney water transportation to travel from the campground to Walt Disney World.

In addition, helpful Disney resort guest perks such as merchandise delivery are also included on your trip. Guests can have their theme park purchases taken to Fort Wilderness where they can retrieve them later rather than having to carry around bags full of goodies throughout the park.

Perfect for RV’s

While Fort Wilderness Resort does offer rustic cabins, the campgrounds are perfect for RV’s. Each campsite has a paved parking pad, and hookups for sewer to your RV toilet, as well as water, electric, and cable television hookups. Plus, each campsite includes a picnic table and a grill.

In fact, you can even rent an RV for your Disney travels. There are also options where you can have the RV delivered to the campsite, so you simply arrive at your home on wheels on the Disney property. This is an excellent option for families who prefer an RV over cabins or tent camping.

A Cost Saving Option

Let’s be honest – a trip to Disney is expensive. Between the cost of admission, the food, and the souvenirs, you will end up spending quite a bit. Therefore, it makes sense that families look for ways to save money on Disney travel.

A great cost saving option is staying in an RV park where you can stock up your fridge with food. You’ll save money on the hotel costs, as well as food costs this way. The price for Fort Wilderness Resort varies depending on season, but begin around $75 per day. This is almost half the cost of staying at a Disney resort.

Tips to Make Your Fort Wilderness Disney Adventure Magical

Disney Fort Wilderness Resort includes pools and a recreation building, but it also offers fun with wagon rides, horse drawn carriage rides, and pony rides! If you want to make your Disney trip even more magical, your family should make dinner reservations for Hoop-De-Dee Musical Revue and Mickey’s Backyard BBQ. Both include delicious meals, great live entertainment, and character visits.

Guests at Fort Wilderness will leave with fond memories of the time they spent in the park as well as the nights they spent around the campfire.

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