Leaving home to attend university or college is a huge step for many youngsters – and heading to the other country can be even scarier! If you’re reading this, you probably already study somewhere in the US and understand the importance of solid writing skills for both – academic and professional area. There is no easy way to become a specialist in writing, especially when it comes to the college writing assignment with a tough deadline. If reading dozens of books to improve essay writing skills isn’t something you’re particularly interested in, you can approach online essay writing service like the one available on PaperWritingHelp.net and ask them for an emergency help. ESL students from undergraduate to graduate level are welcome to get some writing advice on how to deal with all the business, computer science, engineering, math, literature research papers, essays, reports and the other projects assigned at US schools. If getting professional help from the custom essay writing services provided online isn’t an option, there are some quick tips to help international students boost their writing techniques and you should give them a try.

#1 Analyze Paper Samples in Your Field

You’ll need to read a range of term or research papers, dissertation or thesis projects, college entrance essays or book reports throughout your academic year. Do not just skim every other paper sample for information.

When the topics interest you, make sure to read the text thoroughly in order to check how the writer guides you through his flow of ideas. Think about how the writers introduce their topics in every other area be it Marketing, Business, English Literature or anything else and see how they cover different ideas.

Be aware of what you see in the samples, feel the writing course and ensure to apply what you learn to your own essay of any format. In no time, you’ll become more conscious of what, when and how you write; you’ll be making fewer mistakes and have a stronger body structure.

#2 Follow the Instructions of the Essay

Before you begin to write, ensure to read every word of the exam essay questions as carefully as possible. You have to stick to the instructions and pay attention to the little things that aren’t that little. Actually, they are HUGE! Ask yourself, “Do they want me to write an essay on a certain event or a great figure in human history? Do they want my paper to include quotations? Do they want me to structure the paper as a typical 5-paragraph essay?” No excuses for skipping this part because it can ruin your overall score.

#3 Give a Good Intro

In an introduction to the college essay your task is to provide a concise and quick summary of the key points to be discussed. If allowed, feel free to clarify all the key concepts. The introductive part may go wrong if you go into too many details, and then repeat all the arguments in the essay body. To cut the long story, it’s better to start with the short sentences and stay away from the complex ones. This will guarantee a clarity of ideas and a solid purpose of your writing.

#4 Plan Ahead for Your College Papers

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than a quickly approaching academic deadline when you’re working on your essay. During an exam, things are getting even worse! You have to rush together a solid argument and produce quality content in less than an hour and planning is something you should be very flexible about. But when you’re provided with a few weeks to do the job, your tutors are expecting a more thought out piece. Make certain to start reading on the paper topic as early as you can when you’re assigned with the essay. Brainstorm each idea before you incorporate it into the text. Thus, you’ll have an opportunity to produce a cohesive argument.

Got stuck? Just hold on for a moment. Having your mind completely blank during an exam is something that may happen to everyone. The point is that the clock is going tick-tack and you definitely don’t have any magical power to turn back time. Stressful as it is, the best recommendation here is to pause for a second and get your thoughts together instead of waffling on and on.