Biology is an important subject in each and every class. While studying students should not take this subject as a burden. For some studying biology is a cake walk but for some, it’s a tough subject. At some point or another, every student has to study biology.

The concepts of biology cannot be mastered in a night and learning it is also a cumulative process. So, before one starts learning the complex biological concepts and process, it is essential to understand the basic’s first.

Know Your Syllabus

Before you start your studies for the upcoming examination, go through the syllabus. Knowing the syllabus of the exam help to follow a roadmap.

Study material

Choosing the right study material is one of the most difficult jobs to do. Students should choose a book which is up-to-date with the latest exam content and format. It should highlight which areas should be focused on. For example, you need a book which has biology class 12 NCERT solutions. So, while searching for the textbook make sure you check all the parameters like chapter name and topics.

Time Table

It is always advised to follow a timetable while you are preparing for an exam. While preparing the timetable students should assign more time to the topics in which they think they are weak or need some more time to understand the concepts.

Practice Sample Paper

Solve sample papers and previous year question papers of biology. Solving the previous year question papers will help the students to analyze the questions and to predict the difficulty of the exam.

Follow the above strategies to prepare for your upcoming biology exams. For solutions to NCERT questions, students can also refer to My NCERT solutions.