Time plays an important role in everyone’s life but when it comes to student, it’s worth is beyond description. IES is one of the deemed recruitment examination conducted by UPSC every year. This exam is taken by mind boggling number of students and thus qualifying the same is not as easy as it seems to be. Time plays a crucial role in all these competitive examinations as the candidates need to finish the exam in that specific period of time. Time management is the most important aspect of exam preparation and it is important to take this concept seriously if you actually want to qualify this examination.

There is a popular saying, time and tide wait for none and thus utilize it well as it is important to do so if you want to achieve success in your life. Time management is important for your personal as well as career growth. It teaches you how to manage your time effectively and make the most of it. We have everything in life except time, so manage it wisely otherwise you lag far behind.

Basically, time management during IES preparation refers to dividing time effectively so that the right time is allocated to the right activity. The key aspect of time management involves planning, setting goals and prioritizing for the better performance. Let us know some of the time management tip that you should follow during IES preparation.

Decide your priorities

Nothing can be achieved without defining priorities and this fact correctly fits here. First of all, the candidates need to prepare their study plan and prioritize their subjects and then commence the preparation as accordingly. Track your activities, realize how much time you have and know your priorities. See, you have to score in both technical and non – technical subjects of IES paper and thus preparation for both is mandatory but the final motto is to score higher marks so find your strength and prepare those sections so effectively so that you can answer the questions on fingertips. Devote as much time to your prioritize sections as you can so as to bring the best result.

Prepare the well – defined schedule

See, a well defined schedule is the sole thing that can take you to the heights. Prepare a study time table and follow the same no matter what happens. Remember, your time table should include eating time, some entertainment activities and sleeping time as well. Don’t get over ambitious and must take some breaks so as to refresh your mind.

Avoid Difficult Topics

While preparing for civil services, there are different subjects with different topics and all of them are equally important to prepare; however, sometimes you’ll get encountered with the topic which is extremely tough and takes lots of time to understand. In such cases, avoiding them is the good solution. Look, this doesn’t mean that you’ll start avoiding every tough topic. This is just for those topics that you are unable to understand even after lots of efforts because this is just a waste of time. Wasting so much time on a particular topic is not at all advisable, especially if you are preparing for civil services examination because such wastage will shorten your time for other topics which you can prepare with ease.

Revision of Time Table

We cannot eat the same food everyday then how can we follow the same schedule for a long period of time. Make changes in your time table after regular intervals say after every 2 months so as to avoid monotony. Such revision in time table will fill you with new enthusiasm and excitement and this will really help you in better preparation.

Look, preparing for civil services is not a piece of cake as it really takes lots of hard work, patience and effective time management strategies. Among all, time management plays a vital role and is a key to your success. All you need to do is to make some important strategies so as to manage your time and to devote them to the right activities. Time is limited, no matter how you slice it. Utilize it wisely if you want to achieve success in life.