When you plan to shop for TV, there are numerous factors to consider. It will be confusing to decide which TV to buy. For that, you have to choose the right screen size and determine whether you want a smart Television with all apps and interface included, determine which resolution you want and check whether the viewing angle will work in your house. One of the big-screen Televisions is a 4K model. For most of the people, 4K TV seems to be unnecessary. CompareRaja is offering comparative price rates of 4K TV. Here are the specific reasons for it.

  • Don’t Prefer If You Do Not Need Big TV

Usually, HD TV comes with the screen resolution of 1920×1080 while 4K TV comes with the screen resolution of 3840×2160 that results in 4 times of better pixel compared to normal HD TV. It sounds pretty impressive in terms of its size but you need to determine whether you want Big 4K TV for living room or moderate-sized TV for a small family room or bedroom. Based on your room size, you can buy 4K TV or normal HD TV.

  • Choices Of 4K TV Content Are Less

One of the most common reasons to avoid purchasing 4K TV is limited 4K content. You need to have broadband internet connectivity to stream 4K TV but sometimes you might not stream all bits to create a realistic 4K image. Dish Satellite TV and DirecTV subscribers can have access to additional 4K content. You can also purchase Sony and LG 4K Blu-ray player to view content seamlessly. If you want to get a TV with resolution and do not want to download movies or TV shows then stick to the standard HD TV rather than 4K TV.

  • Steaming 4K Content Comes With Compromised Quality

If you sit in front of the TV to watch something through Netflix then you might get disappointed by the quality it actually offers. Streaming 4K video seems to be data-intensive. When you download a huge file, it is necessary to consider the quality which you actually view on streaming 4K movie. Different video providers suggest for different broadband speeds when you like to stream high-quality 4K content so it is essential to check with service of your choice. Streaming 4K video in high-quality needs high-speed internet.

  • 4K TV Provide Non-4K Content Worse

When you watch non-4K content on 4K TV, then the content seems to be actually worse. Particularly on low-quality & cheap 4K TV, the upconversion and algorithm do not function well so they result in offering standard definition and high definition video worse.